Why Jiu Jitsu for my kids?

There are a number of reasons jiu jitsu is an amazing martial art for children.

Confidence is often associated with learning martial arts. At DBA Norfolk Jiu Jitsu we will prepare your little on to the best of our abilities to tackle challenges in martial arts and life with confidence and a calmness many individuals do not develop later in life or ever at all. Jiu Jitsu teaches us to remain calm in the most non-ideal of conditions, like having someone bigger than you hold you down. When the pressure is on we want our students to perform at their best mentally and physically no matter the circumstances. The mental aspect of this can be applied to most stressful situations in life. Being able to identify potential problems and threats, strategize, execute, and essentially overcome these things are priceless and worth practicing martial arts alone with no need to list more benefits, although we will.

Jiu Jitsu promotes healthy living for a number of reasons. Being able to physically perform requires one to take care of their bodies. Our bodies are the vehicle to our soul, and the more miles we put on those vehicles, the more maintenance we require. To teach this to a young one at an early age can often be difficult when the child never experiences physical exertion. Pushing to exertion regularly lets us know what are limits are and what we may have changed or done differently to change those limits either negative or positive. 

Humble pie is a dish best served often. The best way to do this is through competition. There is no better way to show what kind of work is required for a child to become exceptional at anything in life. We encourage all students, children and adults, to compete. This gives your child an opportunity to see tangible results on hard work and dedication. Obviously competition is not required, but it encouraged. 

Why Jiu Jitsu for.......ME?

So, you're actually interested in jiu jitsu enough to read the text below the pictures in the adult section. I could fill your head up with the same repetitive benefits of martial arts and jiu jitsu, or I could try to point out some benefits you have not thought of yet. 

Aside from the obvious physical benefits, your life will more than likely change to some degree when you begin martial arts. People are social creatures, and you will be putting yourself in a room full of self-motivated people on an endless journey of self improvement and growth. Find out what your goals are, go find people with like minded goals and surround yourself with them. A social circle's goals, attitudes, willingness to help, and positive outlook is contagious and you would be lying to yourself if you think not. On the flip side, toxicity is also contagious and you will not find that here.

High level problem solving is another reason why jiu jitsu may be for you. What was always funny to me was how video gamers, like myself, became addicted to jiu jitsu. Seriously what are the odds? Video games were always associated with people of bad health and poor care of their bodies. When I step on the mat with you or anyone, I am not in a a fight. I am in a game of tearing limbs off that I am trying to win. Self defense, physical fitness, wanting to try something new, longing for a new group of friends, are probably the top reasons people join gyms. What many find is an addiction to problem solving. In jiu jitsu, the number of problems are endless. "This persons hands are twice the size of mine, they grab my wrist and I'm helpless, there has to be way beat that!" This is real I tell you. There is always something to do, always something to learn, and endless number of people willing to help you do so. 

I thought I would throw some different looks at you that maybe you had not thought of before. 

-Professor Clay

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