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Bryan Davenport
via Google

Training here has completely revolutionized my game! If Gracie lineage is your thing, Clay has it and it shows. Rolls start standing, wrestling isn’t an afterthought and we train the systems/techniques that get the job done when you need them to! Plus, all of my kids love training with Professor Clay and coaches. Recommend for all whether it is for fun, self-defense, confidence building, friends, or winning a competition.

Brian Bashara
via Google

I live in VB, and I drive to class in Norfolk for Professor Clay's tutelage. Professor Clay fosters a team-first gym and the atmosphere is welcoming to all. There is no one system fits all approach, and Professor Clay will adjust his coaching to your individual skill sets. That being said, if you join our gym you will definitely have a great time learning, but also be apart of a community that will push you to get the best out of you.

Jessica Gomez
via Google

Awesome family environment great for our kids and their self defense and self esteem. Thanks Professor Clayton and Natasha for taking care of our little ones' development it takes a community to build character! You're the best.

Kennith Stanley
via Google

This gym is like home! If you are looking for a place to train where the Professor has a never ending thirst to teach high quality Jiu Jitsu look no further. Outstanding atmosphere to train and push yourself in your journey. The members are welcoming and respectful of everyone. A great mixture of both GI and NO GI styles of training.

Willow Kruse
via Google

I drive from Newport News to Norfolk for 6am morning class. You won’t find a better place to learn. Professor Clayton’s quality, knowledge and amazing environment keeps me coming back.

Andrew Winegarden
via Google

Great group of training partners. Choose your own adventure, super chill to competitors.

Richie Looby
via Google

Very welcoming and great environment for new comers to the sport. Professor Clay has created an excellent culture at his gym where all are welcome.

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